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6th China Cross-Border eCommerce Conference & Exhibition 2016

Redação out 25, 2016
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ABComm endorses the 6th China Cross-Border eCommerce Conference & Exhibition 2016 in Shanghai

When: December 1-2

Whre: Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

Website: www.crossborder-e-commerce.com

Organizer: PTP International

Endorsers: Cross-Border Ecommerce Community (CBEC); China Cross-Border Ecommerce Application Alliance (CCEAA); National Mail Ordering and Distance Selling Association(NAMO),Ecommerce Europe; AMCHAM Shanghai; Ukrainian E-commerce Expert ; Brazilian E-Commerce Association (ABComm) ; Hong Kong Cross-Border E-commerce Association; Guandong Cross-Border E-commerce Industry Associate ; Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association) , The Digital + Direct Marketing Association Asia [D+D]; East West Digital News (EWDN), Internet Retailer
Sponsors:Radial, Leqee, RKYLIN, Payease, Shopee, Huatian Logistics, Akamai, App Annie

Eminent Speakers:
Rolf Vissor, Founder & Chairman, Cross-Border Ecommerce Alliance (CBEC)
Bingyong Tang, Chairman, China Cross-Border Ecommerce Application Alliance (CCEAA)
Jeroen de Groot,Managing Director, Metro Jinjiang Cash &Carry China
Magnus Grimeland,Managing Director & Co-Founder,Zalora Southeast Asia
Aimone Ripa di Meana, Co-Founder & Chief Marketplace Officer Lazada Group
Hans Dang, Head of Cross Border, Shopee
Darren Fifield , Head of Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Radial eCommerce Asia-Pacific
Cyril Drouin,Chief eCommerce Officer Greater China,Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai
Luis S. Galan Lozano,CEO,2 Open
Doron Kalinko,Founder,Motion Global
Yongyua Yu, COO, Birds System
Ying Zhou, CEO, RKYLIN
Liang Xiao, GM of Mengdian.com, Weimob
Guiing Lee, VP, Osell
Kino Kwok, GM, PayEase
Yige Zhu, Senior Technical Manager, Akamai
Seniro Executive, Leqee
Seniro Executive, Amazon China
Seniro Executive, Aliexpress
Seniro Executive, World First
Senior Executive, Facebook

Conference Brief Introduction:

For the cross border e-commerce industry, 2016 is destined to be a year full of upheavals. On April 8th, new polices for cross border e-commerce industry was suddenly implemented,Although this policy was brought to a sudden halt due to too severe consequences caused to the industry and one year transition period was granted Now the widespread debate among relevant parties is going on as for what will be likely to happen after one year transition period.

With the successful launching of the 1st -5th Cross-Border Ecommerce Events, we had witnessed fast development and cruel reshuffling of the industry, some business modes proved failures while others are in full swing. With 2017 is around the corner, how should the cross border e-commerce firms react and adapt to the changes of domestic policy and international markets so as to stand out from the crowd?

Under this background, the 6th China Cross-border e-Commerce Conference & Exhibition 2016 is to be held in Shanghai during December 1-2, 2016. The conference has secured support from the governments of China, including E-commerce Division of the Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China, Shanghai Municipal Commerce Committee, Putuo District of Shanghai; senior officials from the authorities will attend the event and make presentations. Internationally,e-commerce associations and leading ecommerce firms from US, Europe, Russia, Latin America and Southeast Asian countries will showcase in the event in the event to explore cooperation opportunities with their Chinese counterparts.

The 6th event is designed to deal with the new situation and new issues confronting the cross border e-commerce industry, striving to provide new solutions for players. The event is divided into import session and export session, which is featuring conference plus exhibition, match-making of import and export products and different resources. The prominent figures invited to the event include various links from supply, sales, customs clearance, logistics, payment, policy support and etc. The figures will, in combination with their rich hands-on business practices, made deep insight into latest trends and share their useful cases and experiences.

This 6th event will attract a crowd of 500 participants from the cross border e-commerce industry, among them, overseas delegates will exceed 100,well-known e-commerce platforms, brands, traditional retailers, factories engaged in foreign trade and solution providers will all show up, featuring an unprecedented scale, this is the event that you can’t afford to miss out on!

Event Highlights:

500+ High Level Participants
100+ Foreign Delegate
100+ Big Sellers
50+ Ecommerce Platforms
50+ Retailers/Brand Owners
50+ Foreign Trade Oriented Factory
40+ World-Renowned Experts & Industry Leader as Speakers
15+ Key Countries Coverage
Award Ceremony and VIP Banquet
In Conjunction With EChina Expo 2016

Why Should Attend

1: Catching up with the current trend of the global ecommerce market and seizing the opportunities in emerging markets
2: Hearing in-depth interpretation of latest cross-border ecommerce policies and regulations in China
3: Learning from the industry leader about how to conduct cross-border ecommerce in global market
4: Taking advantages of cross-border eCommerce to build your global shop
5: Expanding your products line by global sourcing and optimizing your supply chain
6: 1-on-1 meeting with decision makers of eCommerce giants from both local and abroad
7: Networking with 500+ high level executives from leading ecommerce companies from 20+ Countries
8: Showcasing your products and service in front of your most valuable clients
9: Improving your brands awareness by our media partners’ massive reporting of this event

We are looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai

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